The Book

Wings in the Wind

Wings in the Wind, By Julia WalshWings in the Wind is an uplifting story based on a true account of an orphaned duckling’s struggle to survive on the rich banks of a salt marsh river.

The life cycle of the mallard and the wonders of the wetlands are seamlessly woven into this beautiful story of compassion and hope. Themes of family, friendship and perseverance are introduced as the duckling matures into a drake. A young girl Julie explores the salt marsh and watches the duckling every day. The reader sees the world of nature through the eyes of Julie as she understands the universality of love that is ever present even during times of struggle.

The book is a wonderful shared read aloud for families, and a rich educational resource. The beautiful expansive views of the salt marsh make the reader feel like they, too, are embarking on a journey on the banks of a coastal river. Language in the narrative is intentional and the prose is poetic. Wings in the Wind introduces literary techniques using vibrant imagery and symbols from nature, making adults and children feel like all their dreams can take flight too.

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