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I grew up in Delaware where I loved to study wildlife as I explored the Chesapeake Bay area with my grandfather and his prized Labrador Retrievers. I live in Newburyport, Massachusetts where I still pursue my childhood love and joy of the beauty of nature along the banks of the nearby Merrimack River.

I hold degrees in occupational therapy from Boston University and counseling and school psychology from Immaculata University. I have worked in private and public schools as a therapist and educator. I wrote the book to teach children how to become their own naturalist and to connect them with the many life lessons nature provides. I know you will enjoy Wings in the Wind as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Julia’s Inspiration: “There is so much good in life. . . [more]

Five years ago, Julia Walsh Jewett watched a scene unfold outside her home along the Merrimack River that left a lasting impression.

Source: A duck tale

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Julia Walsh said : 5 years ago

Recently I received the following comments which I wanted to share. First from a Grandmother: "I brought my grandchildren to the event for an educational book. I was not expecting all the heart the book offered. Wonderful!" And from a teacher: " can't wait to share this story with my students. I'm also using this book for a class that I'm taking. It can be taught in my science, and social studies classes!! Fabulous!"